This week’s theme, Cohesive Communities, has been eye opening.  In the video Cohesive Communities Create Resilience, we see that developed, wealthy countries provide many cultural services to their communities.  In poor, less developed areas, the members of the community form groups to handle these tasks of maintaining, policing, and supporting one another.  These community groups create bonds that are often lacking in more established communities. I see these social interactions and cohesion as a wealth that is overlooked by less developed countries.


The video does stress the limitations to these smaller groups.  External forces often devastate these groups.  A natural disaster or global financial shifts are often strong enough to interfere and wreak havoc on these small communities.  The question is, how do we maintain the attributes of care and communal preservation once we have developed into a wealthy country that can now provide basic goods and services at the government level?


Rather than looking for a direct answer to this question, exploring the idea of resilience may help.  The video, Supporting Resilience, highlights the attributes that are needed in individuals to be resilient.


The idea that how people deal with empathy, sociability, expressiveness, and warmth are all contributing factors to their resilience is intriguing. A focus on these skillsets may open new ideas and new doors to how we approach cohesive communities.


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